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Craft in Focus New York

workshop | The traditional craft of stone cutting

Pellettieri Stone Carvers' Academy - Saturday June 3 & Sunday June 4
Factory Floor
1,5 hours
Saturday June 3
Sunday June 4

Cutting Letters in Stone

Inscribing letters in stone is an ancient craft unto itself, however in Chris Pellettieri‘s system of training stone carvers, it is learned as a pathway to discovering the methods of using a small hammer and chisel to define sharp details on the surface of a piece of stone. Perfectionists be warned: have low expectations, don’t be self-critical and you will love it!


The stone cutting workshop starts at 12:30


Heavy Stone Shaping

If you wish to dramatically transform a block of stone to create whatever shape you imagination tells you, you will probably need to remove a large amount of “waste.” In this workshop, you will be introduced to the ancient traditional methods and tools that enable us to do that. It is fun and it is hard work. Have an energy drink first!


The stone shaping workshop starts at 15:30

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