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Craft in Focus New York

workshop | Inspired by heritage – jewelry design workshop

Ingeborg Vink - Saturday June 3 & Sunday June 4
Factory Floor
1 hour
Saturday June 3
Sunday June 4

Photo: Neckless made of century’s old petrified wooden marbles, decorated with a Vinx closure, gold wires with a smal Citrine stone.


During this one-on-one workshop VINX – Hollands Glorie can help you translate personal ideas into a design, following the steps of the concept Vinx Hollands Glorie uses.

We invite you to bring materials of personal value that you would like to assimilate in a unique piece of jewelry. Together we can build a bridge to your future, created from a point in your past.


About VINX – Hollands Glorie

“Honour the heritage of your roots”


A ring or any other piece of jewelry, often carries a precious memory or meaningful story of the person wearing it. Even though it may not be visible to the outside world, wearing jewelry close to your body, keeps this memory and story even closer.

Designer Ingeborg Vink: “My inspiration was born when I started to quest for my heritage and own roots. My mother has shown me how to love, honor and value our traditions and passed these on to me, as I will pass them on to my daughter. The pride that comes with following the tradition of my roots, is the basis of my creativity, that you will sense and experience in the VINX creations.”

Our Dutch history is therefore inextricable with Vinx Hollands Glorie, as it is a bow in respect to our history and Dutch craftsmanship we have been famous for from generation to generation over the past centuries.”

Vinx jewelry are made in the atelier in Amsterdam. Fernando Guerra is the master goldsmith at VINX: “We strive to keep passing on our heritage and and the crafts that the Dutch are famous for. This jewelry therefore carries more than beauty, passion and authenticity, it carries our heritage forward to our future generations.”


After the “Craft In Focus” workshop there is an opportunity to have VINX create an authentic piece of jewelry, based on your design.

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