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Craft in Focus New York

demonstration | Collaborative Performance

Alice Hope - Saturday June 3 & Sunday June 4
Alice Hope maximizes the visual effect of a simple process
through the dense deployment of a simple palette or repetitive
process. Her Minimalist materials -- perforated aluminum, can
tabs, iron filings, ball chain, steel shot, ferrite/neodymium
magnets-- fall outside of an artistic context and are most often
associated with industrial/consumer functions. She transforms
her materials by controlling scale, placement, and pattern.
Numeracy – the power of numbers -- looms large in her work. She
calculates the work hours, number of parts, degrees in scale,
weight, and distance; this generates its own hybrid aesthetic.
Ultimately, her labor-intensive execution leads to opulent work
that seems Baroque -- an extreme contrast to the choices that
produced it.
At Craft in Focus New York, Alice Hope will be working in
collaboration with the audience on a mountain of used can tabs
to construct a continuous sculptural malleable line.  This
project extends the immense collaboration and life cycle of the
collected used can tab. The project reckons the used can tab’s
fluctuating value and meaning in continually changing contexts.
Each tab represents an individual narrative of production,
consumption, collection, and donation, making the project an
inadvertently global collaboration.
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